Can Photography Be a Passion and A Business?

Have you ever thought of turning your passion of portrait photography into a business? I know of a lot of talented photographers, who could get paid well for their services if they choose too! You have to understand that the photography niche is huge. You can offer all sorts of niche photography packages:

  1. Business portraits – corporations pay good money to have a professional photo of their executive teams, or entire teams! Think of medical practices who love to include their entire staff in scrubs
  2. New born photography – you can go to Aliexpress and cheaply purchase new born baby photography sets, and charge a nice premium to take photographs of new borns!
  3. Real Estate Photography – you can take images of homes for sale, you can easily approach homes for sale by owner and get your foot in the door!
  4. Family portraits – families are always wanting to take timeless memories through photographs!Check out this video below that talks about starting a photography business:

Just getting started: Marketing and Music Are My Passions!

A complete redesign and re-branding is coming to my site. My passions are music and marketing, combine the two and I am in heaven! I’ve just started taking some web design courses, and I am extremely excited to practice my new skill on this and other websites. I think there is something to be said for a having an efficiently designed site! As I keep growing the site, I will keep my readers informed via blog posts and other content pieces. Enjoy the ride , I know I will! We’re just getting started, so here is some theme music: